Why Choose to Attend our Medical Travel & Wellness Conference?

We appreciate you have a choice as to which conference to attend, so here's 11 reasons why ours excels:

  • History - We are the Pioneers of the Medical Travel Industry in the UK & have the longest experience in the UK of any Medical Travel Company, having been established since 1999 & having arranged treatment for over 65,000 patients abroad

  • Company - We are not a marketing company who have to rely on sourced data as we have our own genuine historic data 

  • International Delegates - We do not use the services of a ground handling agent to assist with arranging our conference. This ensures that all the delegates who attend are truly international delegates who are attending from various countries which ensures the best networking results for the delegates attending. By comparison at other events which are arranged with the assistance of a ground handling agent you will find that you mainly meet people from the country where the event is held. This wont happen at ours. That's a Fact!

  • Healthy Mix of Delegates - Delegates attending are from over 29 countries with many different target groups eg Hospitals, Tourist Boards, Travel Agencies, Medical Agencies, Surgeons, Wellness Companies, Hotels, Healthcare Providers & Innovative Product Suppliers - thus enhancing the networking results for everyone attending


  • Speakers - We hand select our speakers acquired from our extensive knowledge of the Medical Travel and Wellness Industry


  • Refreshing Speakers - You will find speakers at our event who are unique, refreshing faces - they are not spending their time attending various conferences & speaking with the same groups of people about the same topics. You can rest assured that our engaging speakers are unique & absolute experts in their fields


  • Dedication - We dedicate our time and expertise to provide delegates with an outstanding event by putting as much devotion into our conference arrangements as that of which we put into looking after our patients, which is one of the reasons for our success and longevity in the Medical Travel Industry


  • Agenda - The agenda for the event is well organised & planned with precision to the very last detail to ensure the best event for the attendees


  • Facts - All the data and statistics presented at our event are genuine and factual, based on our 20 years experience in the industry


  • Superb feedback - We are super proud to say that the feedback received from our previous events was outstanding. Have a read of the feedback received below.

  • Fun - You will learn, engage & network at the event but above all we believe the event has to be fun and enjoyable to attend