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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a purposeful Medical Travel and Wellness Conference where delegates can learn, engage & collaborate.

We strive to help grow and improve the Global Healthcare and Wellness Industry.


We promise that our conferences are unique and will give you a real insight into the Medical Travel Industry.


There is a strong focus on innovative treatment approaches which are transforming the healthcare market. We examine and demonstrate how new technologies are advancing treatment results, and we explore how a combination of ground-breaking surgical approaches combined with medicine and technology are changing the Global Travel Industry.


We also understand how the Wellness Tourism Market is becoming one of the most significant growing travel trends.

According to reports, this rapidly growing travel niche is expected to hit $1,592.6 billion by next year.

Our event will help you understand more about this expanding industry and gives you the perfect opportunity to learn more about a sector that is expanding 50% faster than the overall tourism industry.

We are thrilled to announce that the next

Medical Travel & Wellness Conference

will be in Manchester, on the 27 - 29 February 2024.

Who are the Organisers?


The Medical Travel and Wellness Conference is the only conference in its field organised and run by an established and proven Medical Travel Company.

Operations Abroad Worldwide are pioneers of the UK Medical Travel Industry and have over 24 years of experience.


Because we organise the entire conference ourselves, you are guaranteed to be attending an international event.

There is no ground handling agent involved which relies on the local economy and tend only to involve delegates from the host country.

By handling all aspects of the conference, Operations Abroad Worldwide ensure you will meet representatives from all over the world.

In fact, our conferences host visitors from over 45 countries, making it a truly international experience.

We also have the advantage of being the longest established Medical Travel Company in the UK. Our conferences utilise the vast knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the last two decades.


This is not an event organised by a marketing company. We deal in the real international patient market.

We have first-hand experience in the industry. We understand what works and what doesn't within the market.


It is with this knowledge we can provide a first-class conference that gives you insight into the real industry.

Who Attends?


  • Learn about the industry from others already established in the industry.

  • Gain new ideas and insights.

  • Learn how to provide the best international patient service.

  • Network with other hospitals.

  • Meet hospital CEOs interested in working with you.

  • Meet surgeons interested to learn about your techniques.

  • Meet medical tourism agencies who might refer patients to you for treatment.


  • Network with agencies for potential patient referrals.

  • Discuss joint ventures with other companies.

Tourist Boards

  • Promote your country as a leader for Health & Wellness Travel.

  • Network to increase the numbers of tourists travelling to your destination for medical, health and wellness treatments.

Medical Tourism Agencies

  • Meet hospitals where you can refer patients for treatment.

  • Meet surgeons, experts in their field, who are working in some of the best hospitals in the world.


  • Learn about the Medical Travel & Wellness Tourism Industry.

  • Gain new ideas and insights into the market.

  • Connect with agencies, surgeons, hospitals, wellness companies and wellness product suppliers.

Innovative Healthcare Product Suppliers

  • Introduce and promote your products to hospital management, surgeons, and dental clinics.

Wellness Resorts

  • Learn from those with market experience.

  • Network with agencies who could promote your wellness packages to their customers.

Wellness Companies & Products

  • Discover healthy living products, organic products, nutrition, vitamins, fitness and innovative technology for the wellness industry.


"I met interesting people from all around the world. It was an exceptional experience."

Who are the Speakers?

We are always proud to welcome highly-respected leaders to speak at our conferences.

They bring with them years of experience and knowledge.


We invite speakers from many sectors within the industry, including:

  • Operations Abroad Worldwide – the pioneers of the Medical Travel Industry in the UK

  • Healthcare Companies – focusing on the highest standards of medical care and how to excel in the field

  • Internationally Renowned Surgeons – discussing innovative surgical techniques

  • Hospital CEOs – explaining their successes in the Medical Travel Industry

  • Tourist Boards – concentrating on the advantages of their location

  • Hotels – describing their involvement in the Medical Travel and Wellness Industry

  • Wellness Resorts – using their wealth of knowledge to explain the benefits of wellness travel

  • Healthcare Suppliers – demonstrating the latest generation of innovative products and devices

  • Wellness Product Suppliers – discussing the benefits of a range of revolutionary wellness products

What We Assure You


Our conferences are the perfect place to learn more about the Medical and Wellness Travel Industries. But, it isn't all work.


We can promise you the following:

  • Engaging speakers who share their well-informed expertise

  • Stimulating content that is up-to-date and relevant

  • Influential networking leading to genuine collaboration

  • Enjoyable entertainment including a cocktail reception and a dinner party extravaganza.

  • Perfect location in the city centre, close to shops, restaurants and a variety of tourist attractions

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