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We are extremely proud to have received superb feedback from our 2018 event.


Don't just take our word for it though...See what some of the delegates said...

"A truly five star conference"

CEO, Medical Tourism Agency, UK

"Thanks for a great conference. 

Well planned and even better than some I have attended who have been doing events for over 20 years!"

Director, Genetic Medicine Company, Canada

"Congratulations!! It is always challenging to start different projects and I think it worked perfectly!!

Organization pre and during: everything perfect.

Well organized and informed. The schedule was really good, adequate stops and time for talking with participants.

Hotel good, reception at night in the hotel very nice"

Director, Hospital, Spain

"We would like to congratulate you on the excellent organization of the conference in Athens"

CEO, Medical Tourism Agency, Cyprus

"Thank you so much for arranging the conference. It was really interesting, and I`ve made a lot of contacts"

CEO, Private Hospital, Norway

"Oh my, the conference went so well.

It was really tastefully done. I am seriously elated I was able to attend.

I’ve gained friends and contacts unbeknownst to me.

It was an awesome and very informative event"

CEO, Cosmetic Company, USA

"Thanks for the event we attended.

We are back with a lot of new ideas"

Director, Wellness Resort, Italy

"It was very interesting to meet people from so many countries and to get some new experience"

Owner, Clinic, Lithuania

"Thank you so much for inviting us to the conference.

It was very informative and we enjoyed the conference itself and the networking.

I thought it was fantastic, informative and we enjoyed ourselves very much, thank you"

Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel, Iceland

"Thank you for the conference that, in my opinion, was very well organised"

Director, Hospital, Italy

"I would like to thank you for the great event you did organize in Athens.

It was indeed very interesting and I could meet with suppliers as well as hoteliers"

General Manager, Hotel, Spain

"Thank you for the conference and the other events.

It was very interesting to meet people from many countries and to get some new experience"

CEO, Medical Tourism Agency, Lithuania

"I was impressed for the wonderful organizations and lovely relationships with the attendants.

The contacts were very good. I will stay in contact with them"

Neurosurgeon, Italy

"I was glad to meet you at the conference.

Ruth you are an amazing woman, it was a pleasure to meet you. I really enjoyed the conference"

CEO, Medical Tourism Company, Israel

"Thanks again for a wonderful conference" 

Surgeon, Greece

"I want to thank you for organising a very nice conference in Athens, it was a pleasure to attend" 

CEO, Medical Tourism Agency, Estonia

"I think you did a great job, my impression is very positive"

Dental Surgeon, Spain

"We are very glad that we had the chance to meet you and we would like to thank you"

General Manager, Wellness Hotel, Greece

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