The Medical Travel Expert Workshop will be hosted by Ruth Taylor, CEO of Operations Abroad Worldwide.

Ruth has over 20 Years Experience in the Medical Travel Industry, having made Operations Abroad Worldwide

into a Leading International Healthcare brand which has treated over 65,000 international patients throughout

their network of 80 hospitals in 40 countries.

Ruth is also the CEO of the UK's Award Winning Medical & Wellness Travel Consultancy Company.

"Medical & Wellness Travel Consulting" excels in Marketing, Consulting & Corporate Strategy.

The company is ideally placed to provide the best expert opinion & world class solutions on how Healthcare, Medical & Wellness companies can achieve their goals and how to sustain them to make their business a success.

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This is a rare opportunity to benefit from Ruth's extensive experience in the industry.

The aim of the workshop is to educate the delegates how to excel in the Medical Travel market paying a key focus on the topics below:

  • UK Healthcare & Outbound Medical Travel Market

  • Pricing - How to be Competitive, Country Variations

  • Latest Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

  • Developing an International Patient Department

  • Legal Aspects & Avoiding Issues

  • The Patient Service in Medical Travel

  • Growing your Medical Travel Business & International Patient Numbers

  • Acquiring Patients - How, Where, Why

  • How to Succeed & Excel in the International Patient Market

  • Questions & Answers

Ruth Taylor, CEO, Operations Abroad Worl