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We are extremely proud to have received superb feedback from our 2019 event.


Don't just take our word for it though...See what some of the delegates said...

"A Truly World Class Conference Experience"

Medical Tourism Agency, CEO, UK

"The Conference was exceptional. The conference venue had a very good energy. The content gave us a lot of food for thought for how we package our offering.  World class. The food was exceptional. I liked your concept of the B2B very much. The social occasions were exceptional and you outdid yourself on this level.  I made a point of looking at everyone's facial expressions during the Manchester United tour and it was clear that for many this was the highlight of a lifetime!! I for one will never forget that. So all in all EXCEPTIONAL truly"

Head of Business, Leading Private Healthcare Group, South Africa

"Please accept my compliments for the whole conference and high standard of how it was organised. Top hotel, top technical support, very professional speakers, top evening programs, Just fantastic and unique how you did it! I was impressed also by the whole friendly atmosphere. Thank you very much for the invitation. For me just Fantastic"

CEO, Innovative Product Supplier, Slovakia

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to congratulate you and the team for the excellent organisation of the event which I personally believe was a very successful, productive and was my sincere pleasure to attend"

General Manager, Hotel Chain, Cyprus

"I want to sincerely thank you and your team for organising the event, your attention and help. I consider our trip and participation in the conference successful. We received a lot of relevant and important information. Now we can prepare a more detailed project that will be really suitable for British patients"

Director, Private Hospital Group, Spain

"It was really a very helpful & Informative event for me, I especially enjoyed the parties a lot. Congrats on the 20th Anniversary"

CEO, Surgical Product Supplier, Dubai

"Thank you very much for the great organization of this conference. The conference was very interesting. We enjoyed the event very much and it was great to meet people from the whole world"

General Manager,  International Hotel Chain, Switzerland

"I am blown away by your approach to your business and the manner in which you deal with people.  The conference felt like a familiar gathering - warm kind and welcoming.  The arrangements were superb. The hotel superb.  You are a phenomenal team"

Director, Private Healthcare Group, South Africa

"I had a great time at the conference and it was very interesting for me.

My feedback is definitely positive. I loved Manchester and I had the chance to meet and discuss with so many different people, working in the health sector, medical tourism and tourism. I made a lot of new friends and I think that it was an exceptional experience"

Hospital Management, Cyprus

"I enjoyed the conference and the Manchester United stadium tour a lot. The gala dinner and the party was amazing. I met with many people and became friends with them.  The conference was very satisfying for me. You gave thorough information telling how to do this job properly, ethically and morally. I found the clinical sessions very interesting as well even if I’m not working on that field of medicine it was good to know new approaches and techniques which will be helpful in choosing the therapeutic centers for specific problems"

CEO, Medical Tourism Agency, UK

"I found the presentations exceptional and thoroughly enjoyed them. The experience was great giving us the opportunity for networking and learning from the experiences of others in the field"

CEO, Private Hospital, Cyprus

"For me the conference was very inspirational, a new experience and many new contacts from a lot of interesting people. The organisation of the conference was excellent, everything worked on time, we received all detailed information beforehand and the last night dinner party was really exciting with amazing songs. The people from your team were really very kind"

Surgeon & CEO of Private Hospital, Slovakia

"It was from the beginning to the end a perfectly organised event! I really enjoyed the event and the people there"

Director, Private Hospital, Germany

"The conference was interesting and I think that we share the same ideas when it comes to providing complete treatment pathways with excellent medical services to patients coming from abroad"

International Patient Department Manager, Private Hospital Network, Italy

"I only have positive feedback. It was a very well organised congress and we met interesting people"

CEO, Rehabilitation Clinic, Spain

"I have already told my CEO how exciting and useful the event was and that it opened good international perspectives"

Medical Travel Expert, Lithuania

"Thank you for your great work during the Congress"

Medical Director, Wellness Hotel Group, Italy

"It was useful to discuss our future plans on medical tourism with other clinics that had already started"

Clinic Manager, Private Clinic, Belgium

"Thank you for a wonderful event and all the program in Manchester, the city is very nice and cosy"

CEO, Medical Tourism Agency, Estonia

"I really truly liked the conference. I was looking for information concerning the industry, contacts with other hospitals & I got it"

CEO, Private Healthcare Group, Poland

"Thank you so much for the invitation and congratulations for the wonderful event"

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Italy

"We enjoyed the conference, the city and the impressive tour at Old Trafford"

CEO, Private Clinic, Switzerland


"I’d like to say thanks to you and your team for the nice conference"

Director, Private Hospital, Turkey

"The event was very interesting to me as it was my first time going to a medical tourism event. New people and new information. Only positive thoughts"

Ophthalmology Surgeon, Cyprus


"Thank you for the invitation and the organisation of the event, we really enjoyed it & found some useful ideas for how to improve our offer for medical tourism companies & even better satisfy the needs of international patients coming for treatment to Italy" Management International Patient Department, Healthcare Group, Italy

"The event was outstanding, everything was arranged perfectly, we both were really impressed. I met amazing people from all around the world, and made great connections, some of them became good friends"

CEO, Healthcare Group, Italy

"Congratulations from my side for this very interesting conference"

CEO, Healthcare Agency, Switzerland

"Thank you for an interesting few days in Manchester. We had a great time. We met wonderful people"

Management, Private Hospital, Cyprus

"Thank you so much for the invitation and congratulations for the wonderful event"

Neurosurgeon, Italy

"Thank you very much for the wonderful conference"

Management, Eye Clinic, Turkey

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