The Operations Abroad Worldwide Medical Travel & Wellness Conference will be in Larnaca, Cyprus on the 18 - 20 February 2020.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a focused Medical Travel & Wellness Conference where delegates can learn, engage, network & collaborate with a view to growing & improving the Global Healthcare & Wellness Industry.

Our Conference is a unique event for the Medical Travel & Wellness Tourism Industry with a focus on Innovative Treatment Approaches which are changing the healthcare market, looking at how new technologies are advancing treatment results & how a combination of innovative surgical approaches, medicine & technology are changing the global medical travel industry.


The Wellness Tourism market is one of the biggest growing travel trends. The rapidly growing travel niche is expected to hit $680 billion by next year, according to the Global Wellness Summit. It's expanding 50 percent faster than the overall tourism industry so it's the perfect opportunity to attend our event and learn more about this growing sector.

Who are the Organisers - Operations Abroad Worldwide?

The Operations Abroad Worldwide Medical Travel & Wellness Conference is the only Medical Travel & Wellness Conference which is operated directly by the Pioneers of the Medical Travel Industry in the UK and the UK's longest established Medical Travel Company - Operations Abroad Worldwide.


A huge advantage of choosing our conference is that we organise the event ourselves - we don't have to rely on a ground handling agent so by attending the event you will meet truly international delegates from over 29 countries, as opposed to other events which rely on the local economy and the end result commonly found at other events is that delegates attending are only meeting other delegates from the country where the event is hosted.


You wont experience this at our event - that's a fact!


Another advantage is that we have the longest experience of any company in the UK in the International Medical Travel & Healthcare market which has been acquired during our 20 years in the industry.


Our experience is in the real international patient market, dealing with patients & we know what works & what doesn't.

This is a unique level of expertise and first hand experience which we can share with you - whereas other events are mainly organised by marketing companies who have to rely on sourced data - so you can rest assured that by attending our event you will gain unique insight into the real industry.

Who Attends?

The event is specifically dedicated to be informative & highly engaging for the below:

  • Hospitals - Learn about the industry & from others already established in the industry, gain new ideas & insights, learn how to provide the best international patient service, meet other Hospitals for networking purposes & joint ventures

  • Surgeons - Meet Hospital CEO’s interested in working with you, meet Surgeons interested to learn about your techniques, meet Medical Tourism Agencies who might refer patients to you for treatment

  • Clinics - Meet agencies who could refer patients to you for treatment & meet other Companies for networking purposes & joint ventures

  • Tourist Boards - Promote your country as a leader for Health & Wellness Travel & network with companies & agencies with the aim of increasing the numbers of tourists travelling to your destination for Medical, Health & Wellness Treatments

  • Medical Tourism Agencies - Meet Hospitals where you can refer patients for treatment, meet Surgeons who you can arrange  treatment with for your patients & be able to offer your patients the latest treatment approaches and in some of the best hospitals in the world

  • Hotels - Learn about the Medical Travel & Wellness Tourism Industry, gain new ideas & insights into the market & network with agencies, surgeons, hospitals, wellness companies & wellness product suppliers

  • Innovative Healthcare Product Suppliers - Meet Hospital Management, Surgeons, Dental Clinics who would be interested in purchasing your products

  • Wellness Resorts  - Meet those experienced in the market to network, learn & engage. Also network with agencies who might promote & market your wellness packages to their customers

  • Wellness Companies & Products - Wellness companies focusing on healthy living products, organic products, nutrition, vitamins, fitness & innovative technology for the wellness industry


Who are the Speakers?

The Speakers are all leaders in their respective fields:

  • The Pioneers of the Medical Travel Industry in the UK - Operations Abroad Worldwide

  • Healthcare Companies - Focusing on the highest standards in medical care & how to excel in the field

  • Internationally Renowned Surgeons - Discussing innovative surgery techniques perfect for international patients

  • Hospital CEO's - Learn from those already successful in the Medical Travel Industry

  • Tourist Boards - Focusing on the specialities & advantages of their location

  • Hotels - Learn from those already successful in the Medical Travel & Wellness Tourism Industry

  • Wellness Resorts - Learn from those with a wealth of experience in the Wellness Industry

  • Innovative Healthcare Suppliers - Learn about the latest generation of innovative products & devices

  • Wellness Products - Experts discuss the benefits of various revolutionary wellness industry products

What We Assure You:

  • ENGAGING speakers. Our speakers are experts in their respective fields with a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise in their area

  • INTERESTING content. Our content is up to date & of true relevance to the Medical Travel & Wellness Tourism Industry

  • INFLUENTIAL networking. Plenty of opportunities to network & meet others in the industry

  • PERFECT location. Larnaca is a beautiful city - beaches with golden sand, crystal clean waters, historic castles & churches, lovely restaurants, and much more

  • SUPERB fun.  Our event is highly professional and business focused but we also feel it is essential to enjoy yourself too. It is the perfect opportunity to network with like minded professionals but also to have fun with a lot of laughs & contacts made to last a lifetime

  • COCKTAIL RECEPTION - Enjoy your favourite cocktail at our pre-dinner party cocktail reception

  • DINNER PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA - Enjoy our Dinner Party evening - with a gourmet 4 course dinner and dancing until the early hours